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This intensive masterclass will give you the skills, confidence and focus to sustain you through your next draft.You will scrutinise what is and isn’t working in your script so far, solve issues of craft and process and deepen your understanding of writing. Packed with practical tips, short exercises and opportunities for Q & A, this workshop is aimed at playwrights who have completed at least a rough first draft, but all writers and dramaturgs welcome. Bring your script with you for reference.

 Available as a one day, weekend or week long masterclass for small or large groups. It is best done as a bespoke workshop as in the example below, but it can also be delivered as a generic workshop. Feedback from workshop participants:

'So insightful. The best masterclass I've done. 10/10'

'The handout is a brilliant resource. The exercises, tailored to our issues were great too. Lisa was insightful, open and informative and I feel reinvigorated to work on my play. Thank you very much!'

'Outstanding. She could deliver this as a five day masterclass'

'Lisa was approachable and dynamic. I really liked the fact that it was structured around participants issues. I shared many issues raised by others.'

'A wealth of knowledge and down to earth. Brilliant. All of it.'

'I have discovered fresh life in my play.'

'Good tips and insights - relocation of scenes exercise very useful for me'

'Really good exercises and I gained particularly insightful perspectives on use of imagery and character.'

'I had a great Eureka moment. Smashing!'

'The workshop was intensive and insightful and Lisa very friendly and knowledgeable. Lots of exercises to try out on my play. A lot of the problems I feel closer to solving. Also it was helpful differentiating between problems I was having with the play or writing in general. If it was longer and more expensive I would still have booked.'

'Very helpful for when stuck. I now have a bunch of exercises and advice to turn to. Very clear and thorough. Thank you!' 


Intensive workshops tailored to the needs of playwrights and/or organisations who work with writers

For groups or individuals wanting more personal attention, Lisa Goldman occasionally offers intensive workshops tailored to the needs of a small group of writers. She also creates workshops specifically designed for the needs of an organisation serving writers or a writer led group. Bespoke workshops offer a unique opportunity to work closely with Lisa. These workshops generally focus specifically on individual challenges that writers are facing with their play or writing process, but equally Lisa can run more general workshops on aspects of the (re)writing craft - such as The Muddle in the Middle: Sorting out your story or How to make scenes sparkle. 

To contact Lisa about the Bespoke workshop click HERE


A small group exercise based workshop to help you free your authentic voice. Suitable for beginners and advanced writers or anyone wanting to find or reclaim their natural voice and subject matter, overcome blocks or understand their process better. Lisa Goldman is a trained coach.

To contact Lisa about finding your personal subtext click HERE

The No Rules Script Workshop

Using The No Rules Handbook for Writers as a basis, Lisa Goldman offers open access workshops based around her book. Aimed at playwrights, they can also be helpful for screenwriters and novelists.

“This book is like the best of British new writing: it is personal, well-writ­ten, clearly thought-out and resonant. Its advice is passionately felt, but perfectly controlled. And its ideas sing and inspire.”

Aleks Sierz on the No Rules Handbook for Writers

To contact Lisa about The NO RULES script workout click HERE

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